Company Name Slogan Inc.
Founded October 24, 2005
Listed Exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers section(code 9253)
Business activity Provision of services to new industries, centering on human resource support
Dai-ichi Hoki Honsha Building 3rd floor, 2-11-7
Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0062Google Maps
Executive Officers
Masato Nihira
Chief Executive Officer
Hironori Kitagawa
Executive Vice President
Akiko Suginohara
Outside Director
Chika Watanabe
Outside Director
Mayuko Hayashida
Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Junichi Ehara
Outside Auditor
Kohei Nakagawa
Outside Auditor
Yusuke Nishikawa
Executive Officer
Naomichi Kawamura
Executive Officer
Banks of account Mizuho Bank, Resona Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank
Consulting lawyer
License Fee-charging Employment Placement Business Provider(License number from Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare: 13-ユ-302267)
Affiliate and investing companies


October 2005
Slogan Inc., was established in Kanda-nishiki-cho in Chiyoda Ward (with capital of 3,000,000 yen).
June 2006
It started to run Goodfind
August 2006
It increased capital to 7,000,000 yen (allocation of new shares to the executive members).
October 2007
It published the first issue of OB/OG Guidebook (currently Goodfind Career Magazine).
June 2008
It increased capital to 10,000,000 yen (allocation of new shares to the executive members).
October 2008
It relocated the headquarters to Kanda in Chiyoda Ward.
August 2011
It expanded the area of the headquarters into two floors.
June 2012
It established the Kyoto Office in Shijo-karasuma in Kyoto.
August 2012
  • ・It relocated the headquarters to Minami-aoyama in Minato Ward and expanded the area.
  • ・It relocated the Kyoto Office within Shijo-karasuma and expanded the area.
February 2014
The book Ote-wo Ketta Wakamono-ga Atsumaru Shiru-hito-zo-shiru Kaisha(Asahi Shimbun Publications), which provided cooperation, was released.
May 2014
It started at full scale a business of mid-career employment support.
November 2014
It relocated the Kyoto Office to the ninth floor of the same building and expanded the area.
March 2015
It increased capital to 11,960,000 yen (allocation of new shares to the employee stock ownership).
April 2015
It expanded the area of the Tokyo headquarters (in Minami-aoyama in Minato Ward) into two floors.
June 2015
It established Slogan Coent LLP to start capital investment into ventures.
September 2015
It increased capital to 44,496,000 yen (allocation of new shares to the executive members and employee stock ownership).
March 2016
It established the Osaka Office in Umeda in Osaka.
August 2016
It increased capital to 182,409,200 yen (allocation of new shares to Reapra Ventures Pte. Ltd. and employee stock ownership).
October 2016
It established Slogan Advisory, Inc., and TeamUp, Inc., as group companies.
April 2017
It started the FastGrow business.
March 2018
It started a capital and business alliance with Growin' Partners Inc.
April 2019
It increased capital to 372,238,200 yen (allocation of new shares to XTech Ventures Co., Ltd., Dream Incubator Inc., and RCF).
July 2019
It increased capital to 442,244,200 yen (allocation of new shares to Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., and gooddays Holdings Co., Ltd.).
October 2020
It introduced its new working style initiatives “Shape New Work
January 2021
  • It reorganized the offices in Kansai.
  • ・It consolidated the offices in Kansai into the Kyoto Office.(It closed the Osaka Office.)
  • ・It relocated the Kyoto Office within Sanjo Kawaramachi.
The book Shapers:Thinking Method for Creating New Industries, written by Yutaka Ito, Founder and CEO of Slogan Inc.,was released.
March 2021
It merged Slogan Advisory, Inc.
November 2021
It listed on the Mothers section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
March 2023
The CEO position was succeeded from the founder, Yutaka Ito, to Masato Nihira.
April 2023
Service provision for the video-based experiential learning platform 'Metanobi' has commenced.