Slogan (including Outside Auditors)

  • Yutaka ITOYutaka ITOChief Executive Officer

    After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters Division of Behavioral Studies, he joined IBM Japan, Ltd., in 2000. He worked there as a systems engineer, and then became a new business planning and product manager in a related company, and after that became engaged in marketing at its headquarters. He established Slogan, Inc., at the end of 2005 and assumed the post of chief executive officer.

  • Masato NihiraMasato NihiraBoard Director, COO

    He worked as an intern for Slogan, Inc., in its early days from 2008 when he was a student at Waseda University School of International Liberal Studies for about one and one-half years as a project manager. In 2010, he entered DeNA Co., Ltd. He launched Everystar, a joint company of DeNA and NTT Docomo, and a business in Seoul with DeNA Seoul, and then produced several games as a development manager and executive producer of the game division. He came back to Slogan, Inc., in December 2016.

  • Hironori KITAGAWAHironori KITAGAWABoard director, CFO

    He worked as an intern for Slogan, Inc., from 2008 when he was a student at Meiji University School of Business Administration for about three and one-half years during the company’s early days while engaged in business administration centering on financial affairs and accounting. After completing the Waseda University Graduate School of Accountancy in 2011, he entered Shinsoh Audit Corporation and was engaged in such works as the audits of listed companies and IPO consulting. He came back to Slogan, Inc., in July 2015 and assumed the post of CFO in 2016. He is a certified public accountant.

  • Masashi MIZUNAGAMasashi MIZUNAGAOutside Director

    He was born in 1964. He graduated from the University of Tokyo. He entered Mitsui & Co., Ltd., in 1988. He completed his master’s (MBA) at the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 1995 and entered the Boston Consulting Group the same year. In 1996, he entered Goldman Sachs Japan Co. Ltd. He established PI Technology Co., Ltd., (currently Ichigo Group Holdings Co., Ltd.) in 2000, and assumed the post of president. In 2002, he assumed the post of CEO at Star Mica Co., Ltd., (currently Star Mica Holdings Co., Ltd.). He is the author of Nyumon Venture Finance (Diamond, Inc.), Gen-eki Keieisha-ga Oshieru Venture Finance Jissen Koza (Diamond, Inc.) and other books. Additionally, he gives lectures on entrepreneurship and management at Kyoto University and Gakushuin University as a part-time lecturer.

  • Shuhei MOROFUJIShuhei MOROFUJIOutside Director

    He is the founder of SMS Co., Ltd., (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) and led the company for more than 11 years as its CEO until it was listed on the first section of the TSE. After leaving the company, he created Reapra Pte. Ltd., in Singapore in 2014 and formed a business group that would launch various projects of his own in order to generate industries in Asia, and he has simultaneously been conducting investment activities as a venture capital firm. He was born in 1977. He graduated from Kyushu University, Faculty of Economics.

  • Akiko SUGINOHARAAkiko SUGINOHARAOutside Director

    She joined as an intern at Gaiax Co., Ltd. in 2008. After starting up the “School Guardian” Division providing cyberbullying prevention services; she joined the foundation of adish Co., Ltd. as a Director. She also took the position as head of the Administration Department.In 2021, she was appointed as the Director.She has also worked as a Representative at Sponsorship Community,and as a COO at NPO Minna no code. She graduated from Waseda University,School of Education,Department of Science.

  • Mayuko HAYASHIDAMayuko HAYASHIDAAudit & Supervisory Board Member

    After graduating from Keio University, Faculty of Law, Department of Politics, in 2011, she entered Asahi Glass Co., Ltd., (currently AGC Inc.) She was engaged in logistics and production planning and management, as well as SCM projects at its factory, and then in marketing to corporate customers and sales supervision of specific products at its Tokyo office. After leaving the company and raising a child, she joined Slogan, Inc., in 2015. After the launch of long-term intern recruitment support business, she assumed the post of Audit & Supervisory Board Member in 2018.

  • Junichi EHARAJunichi EHARAOutside Auditor

    He joined Sunfinity Co., Ltd., in 2006, and was engaged as the director of the business administration division in preparation for becoming a listed company. He entered Livesense Inc., in 2008 and worked in preparation for becoming a listed company by establishing the administrative work flow and conducting negotiations with external organizations, such as audit companies and securities companies. In 2010, he assumed the post of full-time auditor. He established the audit structure for becoming a listed company and dealt with its stock market debut on the TSE Mothers in 2011 and then the market shift toward the first section of the TSE in 2012. He assumed the post of outside auditor for CrowdWorks Inc., in 2013.

  • Kohei NAKAGAWAKohei NAKAGAWAOutside Auditor

    He was born in 1977. After working as a partner for TMI Associates, he went independent and established the Nexage Law Office. He was registered as a lawyer of the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association in 2002. He was registered as a lawyer of the New York State Bar Association in 2014. He graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law. He completed his master’s (MBA) at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Ayumi KANEKOAyumi KANEKOPeople Development Division
    Executive Officer and People Development Division Manager

    After graduating from Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management, she joined a foreign-affiliated trading company that imports such products as Ferrari. After working in personnel affairs and acting as a secretary to the officers, she entered Leverages Co., Ltd., in 2011 when the company back then consisted of only 50 members. She had been in charge of new graduate employment since launching directly under the president for four years. She recruited 120 people while engaged in the employer branding of nameless ventures and the planning and operation of employment strategies. After that, she joined DeNA Co., Ltd., in 2015, where she launched the public affairs department under the operation division and engaged in the promotion of services. She entered Slogan, Inc., in July 2017.

  • Yusuke Johnny NISHIKAWAYusuke Johnny NISHIKAWAFastGrow Division
    Executive Officer and Division Manager & Chief Editor

    After graduating from Keio University, Faculty of Economics, in 2011, he entered Mobile Factory, Inc., where he was engaged in the planning of social games. In 2012, he prepared to open up a business which ended in failure. He entered Assion, Inc., which back then consisted of only three members. He launched a web consultation business using VWO (A/B testing tool) and realized domestically exclusive collaboration with the Indian company that developed the tool. He assumed the post of an executive officer in Assion in 2014. He joined Slogan, Inc., in July 2015.

  • Kosuke WATANABEKosuke WATANABECorporate Planning Division
    Executive Officer, Group IT Manager

    After graduating from Yokohama City University, he was engaged in planning and development and then consultations on commercial facilities and theme parks. After that, he joined a web creation company in its early days and then a system development company where he took charge of the commissioned development department, infrastructure of its own SaaS, and the CS department. At Drecom Co., Ltd., he took charge of browser-game products, as well as organizational management of the game development department with 50 members. He entered Slogan, Inc., in October 2017.


  • Kenta NAKAGAWAKenta NAKAGAWATeamUp, Inc.
    Representative Director

    He worked as an intern for Slogan, Inc., when he was a student of Rikkyo University. He entered the company in 2012 and engaged in recruitment support for client companies. After that, he ran a private business in the field of sports marketing, and then came back to Slogan, Inc. He established TeamUp, Inc., as a group company and assumed the post of representative director. He launched TeamUp, an HR cloud service that creates a system for one-on-one meetings.