How much more can we improve society if we help people achieve their potential? – Our business originates with an awareness of such a pure, simple question.

As technologies advance and are actually applied in society, the form of labor will change because of automation that saves labor. The growth phase of an entire society will also proceed and inevitably change the longstanding convention of fixed employment.

We now require more ways of living and working in a career suited to the new age, but there are no right answers. This is because, at the moment when presenting something that seems to be the right answer, it will become a commodity and become stereotyped.

The era when everyone can be rich simply by competing with each other in similar races while searching for the right answer provided by someone else has ended. Now what is important is to shape something yourself and how well you face the creation of something significant. This is precisely the opposite of the idea of searching for the right answer and is nothing if not bold (or sometimes could appear to be foolish) behavior.

We hope as many people as possible can become persons who shape something.
We hope the things shaped by them can bring new meaning to society.

We therefore understand creativity and the various talents of people as we continue the pursuit of an organizational structure where talents are used effectively and where creation and innovation are encouraged.

Precisely because we so deeply understand human resources and the organizations of start-up venture companies, we believe we can contribute to the transformation of large companies in existing industries, as well the creation of an ecosystem of innovation from the managerial reorganization of mid-sized and smaller companies.

Everything starts with words. When someone tries to shape something, the starting point is the word (a slogan.) Our company—Slogan—wants to be the origin of the potential of such people.

Our goal is to formulate a community of people who shape something new and to be a builder of innovation ecosystems for the creation and innovation of ideas regardless of the size of the organization as we shape a better society. This is the future we intend to achieve.

Dear all shapers.


Our mission is to help people achieve their potential and optimally allocate their talents to keep on creating new industries.


One of the largest new industries builder based on shapers community in Asia.